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Testing consumables

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Pendulum 4S Rubber Slider

$95.00 each (backing plate not included)

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Pendulum slider backing plate

$45.00 each (rubber slider not included)

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Lapping Paper

$35.00 pack of ten

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Tortus 4S rubber slider (rubber slider only)

$100.00 pack of six

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  • Wet Pendulum Skid Tester
  • Tortus 3 Dry Floor Friction Tester
  • Ancillary Testing Equipment Packs
  • Spares and Consumables

Wet pendulum skid tester

$8950+GST each (includes accredited calibration)

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Tortus 3 Dry Floor Friction Tester

$9450+GST each (current model is printer-less)

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Wet Pendulum Verification Kit

$1250+GST each (suited for Wessex pendulums)

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  • Pendulum Calibration (NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration facility)
  • Tortus Calibration (NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration facility)
  • Control Testing
  • Testing Equipment Repairs & Servicing
  • Introductory Training